Snack food machinery

Potato Chips Making Machine


    Potato requirement

    Oval in shape Dry material content≥20% Sugar content≤0.4%; 

    Length ≥68mm Color outside is yellow Color inside is white

    Less and small bud hole

    Equipment and components

    1. Hoister with water spray 

    It is used to preclean potato,soften the potato skin, then hoist potatoes into washing and peeling machine.


    2. Washing and peeling machine

    This machine is used to peeling potatoes with hard brush and emery brush; Uneven and corrugated brush can peel the potatoes completely.


    3. Inspecting table

    This machine is used to pick out potato eyes and dark parts on potatoes by manually. There will be waste material holes and unpeeled potatoes return system.


    4. Hoister with water spray

    This machine is used to preclean potato, soften the potato skin, then hoist potatoes into washing and peeling machine.


    5. Potato cutter

    This machine is used to cut potato into sticks, french fries quality depends on fries length and shape, so cutting machine is very important.


    6. Rinsing machine

    This machine used to washing potato starch and protect potato from oxidation, keep its original color.


    7. Blanching machine

    This machine is used to deactivate the activity of the oxidase, take off the starch, separate out the reducing sugar, also after blanching,it will get inner soft taste of french fries.


    8. Vibrating machine to de-water

    Used to remove water.Also have many holes at the end of machine to leak out small part and waste part potato.


    9. Electric dryer

    Remove water, drying fries


    10. Continuous frying machine

    This machine is used to unified fry sticks in short time.


    11. Vibrating de-oil machine

    This machine is used to de-oil with the vibrating.


    12. Cooling line

    Use fan to blow off the water on stick surface, then deliver sticks into the freezer. 


    13. Conveyor 

    Used between cooling line and quick-freezing machine.


    14. Fluidized-type freezer

    It is used to quick freezing the french fries in short time, fries center temperature at -18 ℃, Can the maximum keep the original flavor and product quality.


    15. Conveyor

    Used between quick-freezing machine and packing machine.


    16. Automatic weighing and packing machine

    It is used to pack the french fries automatically, including bucket Elevator.



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