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Hydroponic Fodder Machine

  • product description:

    "Hydroponic Fodder Machine" can produce mung bean sprouts, soybean sprouts, peanut sprouts, toon sprouts, coriander sprouts, broad bean sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, radish sprouts, green peas sprouts, pea sprouts and other fresh sprouts, a pound of raw beans It is guaranteed to produce more than ten catties of fresh sprouts, and can produce hundreds to thousands of catties per day.


    Product advantages:

    • 7-day cycle lets you produce nutrient-rich fodder daily for just pennies a pound.
    • Water-saving nutrient film technique watering regimen eliminates the need for overhead watering and reduces humidity levels that may promote fungus and mold growth.
    • UV-stabilized, NSF-quality PVC growing channels are supported by galvanized framing.
    • Connect multiple systems to achieve higher yields of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 lbs. of fodder per day with our Multi-Unit Adapter Kit. 


    Parameter table:

    Single package size

    327X107X220 cm

    Single gross weight

    350.000 kg

    Package Type

    plywood case package



    Raw material

    garlic,bean,wheat,barley,and so on




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