Fully-automatic Right Angle Box Molding Machine
OR-ZHJ10 Fully automatic mechanical meal machine is developed on the basis of the pneumatic meal machine and closely following the needs of the market. It has the advantages of fast speed, convenient operation and stable performance. This machine comes with a hot air generating device, suitable for producing single PE coated paper or double PE coated paper.
The machine completes the production of paper box by automatic paper suction, servo motor feeding, hot melt adhesive, roll forming, automatic collection and other processes.
1.This machine is made up of the following parts:
1..1Absorbing paper
1.2.Adopting servo to transmit papers
1.3.Hot Air Melting Coating
1.4.Mold forming
1.5.Demolding cylinder
5.Performance and structural diagram

2.Equipment configuration and specification model




Paper specification



Paper raw material






Production speed



Maximum width of paper suction


     Input voltage

Molding motor


Three phase380V/50HZ

Weight of whole machine



Dimension of whole machine



Packaging dimensions



Main component

Magnetic valve

Pneumatic component

AirTac Taiwan


Working pressure




Working gas flow





Servo motor

Taiwan Shilin


electrical components

frequency converter




low-voltage apparatus








Driving system





Touch screen


3.This machine is updated to a fully automatic mechanical forming mechanism based on the original full pneumatic working principle. Its performance is more reliable and higher than that of pneumatics.
It mainly is made up of the transmission parts above.

1.Main motor 1.5KW 
2.Reducer 80  
3.Paper suction component 
4.Chain paper feeding component
5.Forming component
The power mainly includes motors, reducers and so on, used to complete the predetermined speed and provide power. The forming action consists of a link mechanism, a   chain drive mechanism, a cam mechanism, and the like.


After purchasing the machine, the user should install it on a flat and solid floor. Under the machine body, adjust the iron pad and shockproof rubber pad, and adjust the bolt on the motor base to adjust the machine to the level.

 5.Matters to be noticed

   5.1. before using the machine, please read the instruction to avoid wrong operation, causing damage to the machine
  5.2. In order to be safe for production, the ground wire must be connected at the specified location on the placard.
   5.3. Arrange professionals to operate and maintain the machine.
   5.4. Before starting the machine, check the machine, if there is any debris in the machine, and use the jog device to check for interference.
   5.5. The machine should be kept clean. Regularly wipe the surface, cover, mold, etc. with a soft cloth and detergent. And keep guides, cams, chains clean and lubricated.
  5.6.  After shutdown, the main motor button and the power air switch on the machine should be turned off.

6. Operation procedure

6.1. Preparation work before operation
Due to long-distance transportation, it is necessary to do the following strict inspections before operation.
Open the electrical box, check the electrical wiring, check whether the pneumatic connections are tight
Check whether the fasteners of each mechanical part are loose, come off, and the parts are displaced.
6.2. Electrical performance and operation.
 Electrical equipment safety ground zero. Ground protection
Enter the power cable national standard 4.0 square cable, install according to the electrical installation rules. The unit is not equipped with an external (input) power cord when it leaves the factory. It is to be installed by the user.
6.3.Electric operation
a.)Some items to be noted when installing and overhauling
Before connecting to the grid, use a megger to measure the insulation resistance of each phase to zero (enclosure) and connect it well to the power grid.
There are two column posts, L is the phase line, and N is the zero line.
b)Open the electrical box door and close the air switch. Rotate the power switch on the operator panel and activate the heat switch.
c)Electrical detection use precautions
Handling during alarm: First turn off the motor switch on the control cabinet, and then deal with the problem of photoelectric detection.

7. Commissioning rules

All the products produced by our factory are manufactured after strict qualification. After the long-distance transportation bumps and the operators are unfamiliar with the equipment, the code is formulated for the operators to follow the code for serious debugging.
a.Paper suction, adjustment of suction and deflation time
Loosen the screw of the cylinder head swing arm, swing the swing arm position left and right, and adjust the suction and deflation before or after the lag time. As shown in FIG.
b. Adjustment of paper positioning
The paper positioning can be adjusted from left to right and left. Loosen the fastening screws of the left and right rails and move them randomly according to the arrow side until you actually need the position.
The front and rear adjustment can adjust the light head of the push paper head, adjust the fastening screw of the sprocket to the large distance, and rotate the sprocket to the desired position.

Failure and elimination
The machine is qualified before commissioning, and can produce qualified products normally. If there is waste or can't be formed during use, there are mainly the following reasons.
a.First check if the temperature of the heating has reached the set value.
Observe the number on the temperature controller, whether it is consistent with the setting, check if the 4 heater is normal, and whether the hot air copper tube is displaced.
b. Whether there is any change in the positioning of the paper, including the left and right front and rear, the left and right rails can be adjusted, and the paper heads can be pushed back and forth to observe whether there are any debris in the track and the work surface, which affects the conveyance of the paper sheets.

8. Equipment maintenance

 8.1.Before the machine is turned on, it is necessary to inject a proper amount of mechanical oil to each moving part of the equipment, especially the rotating part, to reduce mechanical friction. 3Monthly check the lubricating oil inside the reducer, pay attention to timely replenishment. The fastening bolts of the coupling part in the transmission part of the equipment shall be inspected and tightened regularly to prevent the operation interference due to the looseness of the bolts and the top wire, thereby damaging the machine.
8.2.Lubrication of each drive chain
  Lubrication is very important for chain drive. Reasonable lubrication can greatly reduce the wear of the chain hinge and prolong the service life. The lubrication method is: regularly add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the gap between the inner and outer chain plates of the driven side of the chain, generally adding oil once per shift. As shown below
8.3.Lubrication of linear bearings and shafts
Add 30# oil, depending on the situation, usually add oil once a day.
8.4.Lubrication of bearings at the ends of the rods
 There must be a bearing of type (6201) at both ends of each guide rod. In order to make it flexible and prolong the service life, it is necessary to add lubricating oil (30#<t3/ >Oil), generally add oil once a day.
8.5.Lubrication at each cam
In order to reduce the wear of the cam working surface, the working surface needs to be lubricated frequently. Normally it is added once per shift.
8.6.Lubrication of worm gearbox
In the worm gear in the reduction chassis, the worm should work in the oil-immersed state. The oil has been injected into the box at the factory, and the small cone plug on the vent hole should be removed before use. After used for more than 100 hours for the first time, clean the oil residue and debris in the box, and replace it with new oil (oil level to the center line of the oil mark), and then use it for each time >2500Change oil once. Lubricating oil is N220-230 (ambient temperature -30°C
8.7.Tightening of the chain
Due to long-term operation,  each transmission chain extended  due to wear at the hinge,  and even the operation is not stable ,  even jump chains phenomenon occurs. At this time, the chain should be tightened.

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