Multifunctional vegetable /meat cutting machine

    1.The machine should be installed on a work surface that has sufficient stability and strength to support the weight of the machine.
    2.Make sure that the line voltage of your main power source matches the rated voltage of the machine.
    3.Turn the switch on and let the machine race about 2-3 minutes look if the machine works well.
    4.Turn the switch on, the pilot lamp of the power button is lighting, the lade rotate on the opposite way of watch hands.
    5.Adjust the slice thickness by turning the slice thickness regulator on the opposite way of watch hands. And turn the fixing positioner knob is the way of watch hands.  6.Make the fixing positioner head get in touch with the plate.
    7.Pushing the product carriage forward and back over the blade with a continuous motion, using the product pusher handle and the pusher knob.
    8.After slicing the desired amount of the zero position. Turn the fixing positioner knob and let the fixing positioner head back to the original position.
    9.You can now move away the slices and the product.

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